Sea Salt Nougat


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Ghelfi’s Nougat is a one-of-a-kind delight that is not available anywhere else.  Our grandfather was the founder of Ghelfi’s candies. He invented our unique nougat recipe decades ago.   His recipe is a one of a kind treat that has never changed. Today, we make our nougat the same way our grandfather made it so long ago.

How we make our nougat is a closely guarded family secret. But we can tell you that unlike other nougats, Ghelfi’s nougat contains no egg whites, and is made with carefully sourced top-grade honey.

We aim to make our nougat to the same consistency as our caramel.  We then surround this mouthwatering treat with Ghelfi’s own dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate and then top it with real sea salt.





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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 4 in